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Undead Live!

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Undead Live!

La batalla comienza ahora. ¿Qué, vas a estar?

Start as a human slave and work your way to build a fearsome Empire. You start the game in Draken World, where three supreme beings rule the land: Vampires, Werewolves, and Overlords.

Because of your strength, the Dark Lord summons you and transforms you into an Immortal. Through Quests, Land Conquests, and Battles, you grow your empire´s power and influence until your empire becomes the most famous in Draken World.

Features you will love:
-Underworld Market serves as the ultimate place for equipment
-Gold Vault keeps your Gold safe
-Healer heals you when you have been worn down in battle
-Land Conquests gives you the ability to generate Royalty
-Learn from your Book of Secrets to increase your character stats
-Extend your Bloodline by joining forces with other creatures of your species.


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